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I-Optik customized microscopy solutions


HD-3800 Camera's flicker-free & sharp image quality reduces the strain on the eye during inspection.
Full HD 1080p provides stunning video quality, with a level of detail that is way higher than that of traditional standard definition analog camera. It can be attached to a zoom lens or a microscope for image/video capturing.  Data is saved on a SD card, eliminating the need for a work station. Suitable for operator inspection. 


AF-580-M Auto-focus inspection microscope has Full HD inspection capabilities on screen. Offering
significant improvements over traditional microscope and zoom lens. Fully Auto Focus and Motorized Zoom (Optical) Operation with 60FPS at Full HD Resolution Image Quality.


MP-3PM is a coaxial zoom microscope with image capturing function. Integrating interchangeable lens into a zoom lens allows different magnification.  Combining low & high magnification into one integrated system. User is able to do inspection and analysis in one system. 


Microscope accessories - A wide array of accessories for microscopes like LED ring light, goose neck, bottom light, X-Y table, 3D- rotator, long universal stand, etc.....


Led Magnifier - Visual inspection for products

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