2d X-ray Machine 

Shimadzu SMX-800 is a system developed specially to meet simple needs, comprising a touch screen display, a joystick, an intuitive user interface, and a newly designed high-speed stage, which reduces the time required for launching the software before inspections. It allows anyone to simply and rapidly detect minor defects in the circuit boards and electronics.

Shimadzu SMX-1000 Plus and SMX-1000L Plus X-ray inspection systems are a further refinement of their popular predecessors, the SMX-1000 and SMX-1000L, which have become the benchmarks of the industry.
The operability so well received in earlier models has been further improved, resulting in much simpler and easier-to-see windows.
The enlarged fluoroscopic exterior image view provides a new level of visibility.
The measurement functions are so much easier to use that results can now be obtained with just a click, and require no complicated parameter settings.


Shimadzu Xslicer SMX-6000 is an X-ray inspection system equipped with a Shimadzu microfocus X-ray generator and high-sensitivity flat panel detector and featuring CT scanning capability. Smooth and quick switching is now enabled between viewing fluoroscopic and cross-sectional images. In addition, the system includes a new Xslicer CT image processing engine used to fully automate calibration and provide high-speed scanning and reconstruction.
The system can be used to observe distortion-free, high-magnification, and high-resolution images of detailed internal structures and defects in flat samples, such as electronic devices.

X-ray machine for casting

A wide array for X-ray systems for casting application. With Mini & Micro focus x-ray tubes selection providing solutions for parts of all shapes and sizes.



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