3D Computed tomography (CT) Machine 


Shimadzu SMX-90CT Plus is built to be easy to use, speedy, and compact, the benchtop X-ray CT system makes CT imaging simple for everyone. Offering a compact benchtop design and calibration-free operability, the SMX-90CT Plus is equipped with the HPC inspeXio high-performance computing system and a DICOM conversion function. While retaining the compact design of the previous model, the system now provides easier, faster CT imaging and analysis of biological samples, pharmaceuticals, bone samples, molded plastic parts, and small electronic parts.

Shimadzu SMX-100CT is a CT system capable of performing high-magnification 3D observations of resins, medicines, bones, and other soft materials. It is equipped with a sealed tube type microfocus X-ray generator with a maximum output of 100 kV, and a high-sensitivity image intensifier.
The interface provided is capable of easily observing the internal 3D structure of samples. Furthermore, clear, high-magnification CT images are obtained faster and more clearly thanks to the high-performance computing system HPC inspeXio.

Shimadzu SMX-225CT FPD HR Plus is a high-performance microfocus X-ray CT system equipped with a Shimadzu microfocus X-ray generator and a large high-resolution flat panel detector.
The large detection area, data input capacity equivalent to 14 megapixels, and a further improved high-output microfocus X-ray generator enable CT images with a large field-of-view, high resolution, and high contrast levels that overturn the conventional assumption that high-output systems cannot provide adequate contrast for soft materials.
To correspond to the higher detector resolution, the HPC inspeXio high-performance computing system achieves even faster speeds.
Therefore, this single system can be used for researching, developing, or inspecting a wide variety of samples, from composite materials (such as, GFRP and CFRTP materials still being researched today) to large aluminum die cast parts.


Shimadzu XDimensus 300 is a dimensional X-ray CT system capable of measuring the 3D internal and external geometry of sample interiors. With a sphere distance error of (3.8 + L/50) μm, providing the world’s highest level of accuracy assurance.
It features a large-scale, high-resolution flat panel detector, which provides a wide field of view at excellent resolution, Shimadzu's proprietary new X-ray generator, with approximately three times the X-ray generating efficiency of our previous models, and new software, which provides excellent operation. It also features an air conditioning unit to maintain a consistent temperature inside the instrument, a frame that provides high geometric stability, and an ultra-high-accuracy sample positioning stage. As a result, it provides a level of dimensional measurement accuracy impossible with conventional observation X-ray CT systems.
Shimadzu is offering this new, unprecedented system for dimensional measurements, including the interior and exterior of industrial goods such as plastic molded parts and aluminum die cast part